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Threads: Meta’s response to the changing media landscape

By August 3, 2023No Comments9 min read

In a world where online communication is ubiquitous, social networking platforms play an essential role in the way we interact and share our ideas with the world. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has revolutionized the digital sphere time and again. And once again, it’s about to change the game with its latest innovation: Threads.

The social network recorded five million subscribers before rising to ten million at seven hours of existence and thirty million after its 16th hour, according to Mark Zuckerberg, on his Threads account


Now we’re talking over 100 million in just two days.

In this post, we’ll explore Meta Threads in detail, its key features and functionality, its potential impact on online communication, and the privacy and security issues surrounding it.

I. What is Meta Threads?

With Threads,
has set out to create a conversation platform that essentially rethinks the way we interact online. Unlike traditional social networking platforms, where posts pile up on top of each other in an endless timeline, Threads stands out for its focus on managing specific conversations in distinct threads. This approach aims to provide a more targeted, intimate and relevant communication experience for each user.

  1. Threads as the backbone of Threads

At the heart of Threads are the “threads”, which are essentially discussion areas dedicated to particular topics. When a user creates a thread, he or she can invite friends, contacts or members of specific communities to participate. This enables conversations to be grouped around specific themes, such as topical issues, shared interests, collaborative projects, or even in-depth debates on complex subjects.

  1. A Committed Communication Experience

Threads aims to provide an online
communication experience
immersive and engaging, encouraging focused discussion. The aim is to avoid the information overload and noise generated by random publications and irrelevant content, which are common on traditional platforms. By prioritizing threads, Threads encourages users to engage in quality conversations, rather than simply passively passing endless message threads.

  1. The Convergence of Messaging and Social Networks

A key feature of Threads is its desire to harmoniously combine messaging and social networking functionalities. Unlike simple instant messaging, Threads enables users to share broader content and engage in larger-scale conversations. On the other hand, compared to traditional social networks, discussion threads encourage more intimate, targeted conversations, which take place in spaces defined by the discussion threads.

  1. Creating more cohesive communities

By encouraging specific conversations and bringing together people with common interests, Threads has the potential to create more cohesive and engaged communities. Members can come together to discuss topics they feel passionate about, and share their knowledge, experience and opinions in a more focused way. This fosters a deeper sense of connection and a more meaningful social networking experience.

II. Threads’ distinctive features :

500-character limit for messages Discussions encourage short, rapid exchanges by imposing a maximum limit of 500 characters.

Adapted features for close friends Automatic statuses to share your activities in real time: On Threads, you can share private content and form restricted groups of close friends. Through features such as automatic statuses, users can automatically share status updates with their friends, based on factors such as their battery, activity or whereabouts.

Exclusive mobile application : Unlike Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, which are available on different platforms, the Threads app is only accessible on mobile devices.

Post ranking algorithm: Like Instagram or Facebook, Threads has its own algorithm that determines the order of posts. This algorithm selects and organizes messages to present you first with those that are most relevant to you.

III. Key Thread features

  1. Focus on Threads

Threads’ real innovation lies in its focus on threads, allowing users to group conversations around specific topics. Unlike traditional platforms where publications are presented in a continuous chronology, Threads offers a structured way of organizing discussions. Each thread is dedicated to a specific theme or topic, allowing users to concentrate on the subjects that really interest them.

This thread-optimized approach has many advantages. First and foremost, it allows us to create more targeted and relevant conversation spaces. Users can choose to join threads that match their interests, passions or goals, fostering a more engaging and rewarding communication experience.

By grouping conversations around specific topics, Threads also makes it easier to discover new subjects and participate in applicable discussions. Users can explore different threads and join specialized communities where they can share ideas, ask questions and interact with like-minded people.

Threads also provide a more organized framework for following and contributing to conversations. Users can easily find past discussions, follow replies and updates, and stay involved in the topics that interest them, without getting lost in a continuous flow of information.

  1. Enhanced Privacy Controls

Meta has learned from its past mistakes regarding confidentiality, and has paid particular attention to privacy controls in Threads. Users now have more granular control over the visibility of their threads, as well as who can participate in them.

Thanks to these enhanced privacy controls, users can decide who can see their threads and who can access them. They can choose to make a thread public, allowing anyone on the Threads to discover and participate in it. Alternatively, they can make it private, limiting access to only those they invite.

The ability to control access to threads gives users peace of mind when it comes to confidentiality. They can engage in more intimate and personal conversations, knowing that only authorized people have access. This fosters an environment of trust and enables users to share ideas more openly, without fear of unwanted exposure.

Enhanced privacy controls also enable users to protect their privacy by managing their online presence more precisely. They can choose to hide certain threads or restrict access to specific groups, guaranteeing a higher level of confidentiality for more sensitive topics.

It should be noted that Meta is committed to respecting the privacy of its users and protecting their personal data. However, it is essential that users are aware of the privacy settings available and take appropriate measures to protect their personal information.

  1. Integration with other Meta platforms

Threads are designed to connect seamlessly with other Meta services, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This delivers a consistent user experience while enhancing the reach of conversations in different communities.

  1. Highlighting Interest-Based Content

Rather than relying solely on recommendation algorithms, Threads focus on engaging users with threads they find relevant. Content is therefore promoted according to the specific interests of each user, rather than favoring viral content.

IV. The Potential Impact of Threads on Online Communication

Strengthening community cohesion

With its thread-centric approach, Threads could encourage more constructive and meaningful discussions within specific communities. This could strengthen group cohesion and contribute to healthier online communication.

Unnecessary Noise Reduction

By focusing on niche conversations, Threads could cut through the noise of useless information and less relevant discussions, allowing users to concentrate on what really matters to them.

Potential Echo Chamber challenges

While Threads may encourage more focused discussions, there is a potential risk that it also reinforces “echo chambers”, where users are exposed to similar ideas and not sufficiently exposed to diverse perspectives.

V. Privacy and Security Issues

With data integration between different Meta platforms, the protection of user data is crucial. Meta will need to provide a strong commitment to data privacy and security to ensure user confidence.

Meta will continue to invest in intelligent moderation and filtering tools to prevent the spread of harmful or inappropriate content within Threads.

This issue of data security and confidentiality has made it unavailable in Europe. Available only outside the European Union due to non-compliance with personal data protection regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and the Digital Market Act (DMA) in force since May. The GDPR requires companies to comply with strict rules regarding the collection, storage and use of users’ personal data. However, the Threads social network has shortcomings in this area: it collects a large amount of data on its users that do not comply with European regulations Such as :

User identifiers, location, sensitive information, contact information, browsing history, usage data, purchase tracking, payment information, …

In a nutshell, With Threads, Meta pushes the boundaries of online communication by offering a platform centered on discussion threads. With its innovative features, Threads could change the way we interact on social networks and encourage more meaningful conversations. However, the success of Threads will depend on how Meta addresses issues of privacy and security while striving to create a digital space where users feel confident to express themselves freely.



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