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How do you create summer content that captivates your audience?

By August 10, 2023No Comments7 min read

Summer is an ideal time to rekindle engagement with your audience by publishing captivating and engaging content. With sunny days, vacations and summer events, there are plenty of opportunities to engage your audience. In this article, we’ll guide you through some effective strategies for creating summer content that will capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged all season long.

I. Surf summer themes

Summer is a time that conjures up images of sunny beaches, refreshing cocktails and outdoor relaxation. To capture your audience’s attention, it’s essential to capitalize on these summer themes in your content. You can start by making some visual changes to your
your blog or your
social networks
using bright colors and summery visuals. Incorporating attractive images of summer activities such as swimming, picnics or festivals will add a touch of freshness and engage your audience. In addition, you need to make it clear that your content aligns with the interests of your summer audience. For example, if you sell clothes, suggest trendy looks for the summer season. If you run a travel blog, share tips on popular vacation destinations. By adapting your content to summer themes, you need to capture your audience’s imagination and keep them engaged throughout the season.

II. Create guides for summer activities

Summer is a time when people want to make the most of their free time. By providing practical guides to summer activities, you can offer your public a source of inspiration and useful advice. You may consider publishing blog posts or detailed videos, how to organize successful barbecues, how to prepare refreshing cocktails, or how to plan an affordable vacation. Including checklists and practical tips will add value to your content, encouraging your audience to share it with their friends and family. What’s more, the guides can be an excellent way of showcasing your products or services by integrating them naturally into the context of summer activities. For example, if you sell camping equipment, a guide to the best summer camping destinations could be the ideal opportunity to showcase your products. By offering useful and relevant content, you position your brand as a reliable and engaging resource for your summer audience.

III. Organize contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are surefire ways to get your audience’s attention during the summer. Take advantage of the excitement of the summer season by organizing creative and entertaining contests that encourage participants to get involved. You can organize summer photo contests where participants have to share their best vacation captures with a specific hashtag. For even more involvement, encourage them to invite their friends to take part too. Gifts are also very popular, where you can offer summer-related products or services at attractive prices. Activated to promote your contests and giveaways on your various communication channels, including social networks, newsletters and your website.

IV. Share personal stories and experiences

Summer is a time for sharing authentic, personal stories. People feel more connected when they can identify with similar experiences. Take advantage of this opportunity to share summer anecdotes, memorable travel experiences or even challenges overcome during the summer season. You can choose to present them as blogs, videos, or even interviews with members of your team. These personal stories create a strong emotional bond with your audience, reinforce trust in your brand or company and help build an engaged community. Also encourage your audience to share their own summer stories, whether through comments on your publications or dedicated hashtags.

V. Explore interactive content formats

To keep your audience engaged during the summer, rely on interactive and entertaining content formats. Quizzes on summer themes, polls to elicit your audience’s opinion on topical summer issues, live videos for real-time question-and-answer sessions – these are all ways to generate interest and interaction. These formats allow your audience to participate rather than simply passively consume content. You can also organize live discussion sessions with experts in your field or summer influencers to offer added value to your audience and reinforce your creation. Interactive formats create a sense of community.

VI. Highlight special summer offers

Summer special offers are a powerful way of attracting new customers and retaining your existing audience. During the summer season, people are on the lookout for bargains and special occasions. Take advantage of this mentality to offer exclusive deals on your offers or services.

Discounts, bundled offers or gifts with purchase are incentives that encourage your audience to act quickly. Make sure your offers are summer-related and offer real value to your audience. For example, if you’re in the fashion business, offer discounts on trendy summer outfits. If you’re in the travel industry, offer promotions on vacation packages.

Summer is a great time to create emotional connections and increase engagement with your brand or company. Take advantage of the summer mood to offer your audience a unique and memorable experience, strengthening your online presence and building loyalty among existing customers. With these strategies, you’re ready to turn the summer season into a period of success and growth for your online content.



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