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In the ever-changing world of social networking, it is essential to monitor social networking trends to stay competitive. According to a recent study by Hootsuite3.6 billion people use social networks worldwide, an increase of 13% over last year. In addition, advertising spending on social networks is expected to reach $105 billion this year, according to

This year 2023, we are witnessing significant changes in the field of social network management. The rise of live video on social networks has become a major trend, with brands increasingly using it to increase their visibility and engagement.

I. The rise of live video on social networks:


Live video has become an important marketing tool for brands because it offers an opportunity to connect with their audience in a more authentic and personal way.

Live video also offers benefits for brand visibility. Live videos tend to get more engagement than pre-recorded videos because they create a sense of urgency and authenticity.

The best practice for using live video effectively is to first prepare the content in advance and create a plan for the live event. This will ensure a smooth and professional presentation.

It is also important to promote the live video in advance to create a buzz and to encourage users to participate. During the live broadcast, it is important to respond to viewer comments and questions to encourage interaction and engagement. Finally, it is important to keep the live video so that it can be shared and viewed later.

II. The importance of AI in social network management:

AI is being used to help companies manage their social media presence in several ways. First, AI can help with content planning by suggesting relevant topics and optimal publishing schedules.

The benefits of AI for social media management are that it allows companies to get accurate, real-time information about their target audience, which can help guide their social media marketing strategy.

Despite the benefits, there are also risks associated with using AI to manage social networks.

First, AI is not always 100% reliable and can provide inaccurate or misleading information.

Second, AI can be used to automate content moderation tasks, but this can lead to the inappropriate removal of legitimate content.

Finally, the use of AI can raise ethical issues, such as the collection and use of personal data.

In short, AI has become an essential element in the management of companies’ presence on social networks and their
digital communication


III. The rise of employee engagement on social networks:

Employee engagement on social media is important for brands because it expands their online reach.

Their engagement offers many benefits to brands such as increasing the brand’s online reach by reaching a wider audience.

As such, there are several best practices for encouraging employee engagement on social networks. First, it’s important to educate employees on the importance of engaging on social media and provide resources to help them actively participate. Then, companies can encourage engagement by sharing relevant and engaging content on social networks, creating special events for employees and giving them the freedom to express themselves on social networks.

In short, employee engagement on social networks is an effective strategy for building a brand’s online presence.


IV. The challenges of managing social networks for SMEs:

Social networks have become an essential part of the marketing strategy for SMEs. However, managing social networks can be a challenge for small businesses that have limited resources and often lack experience and knowledge of online marketing. In this section, we will explore the challenges of social networking for SMEs, strategies to overcome them, and tools and resources to help SMEs manage their social networks effectively.

SMEs can face several challenges when it comes to managing their social networks, including:

  1. Lack of time: Small business owners are often multi-tasking and do not have enough time to effectively manage their social networks.
  2. Lack of resources: SMEs may not have enough resources to hire an online marketing professional or invest in social media management tools.
  3. Lack of expertise: Small business owners may lack online marketing expertise and have difficulty developing an effective marketing strategy for their social networks.

An opportunity for these SMEs to save time and money by delegating certain tasks to professionals like
to manage your digital marketing/communication and your online presence.

To overcome the challenges of managing social networks for SMEs, it is possible to follow some strategies such as:

  1. Establish clear objectives: SMEs need to define clear objectives for their social networks in order to develop an effective marketing strategy.
  2. Planning and organization: SMEs need to plan and organize their social media posts in advance to save time and energy by posting in a disorganized manner.
  3. Use of social media management tools: SMBs can use social media management tools such as Hootsuite,
    Sprout Social
    to effectively manage their social networks and save time.

There are several tools and resources available to help SMEs manage their social networks effectively, including:

  1. Content planning tools: Tools such as
    can help SMEs plan and organize their social media posts.
  2. Online marketing blogs: SMEs can find useful information on social media management in online marketing blogs such as
    Digital Marketing News by Wisourcing
    Social Media Examiner, Hootsuite or Buffer.
  3. Online training: Small and medium-sized businesses can take online training courses on social network management on sites such as
    LinkedIn Learning
    to improve their online marketing skills.

Indeed, managing social networks can present challenges for SMEs, but there are strategies and tools to help them overcome these challenges and manage their social network presence more effectively.


In 2023, social media management will be even more important for brands looking to connect with their audience. By preparing for these trends now, brands can ensure they are ready for the changes ahead and can continue to effectively engage with their audience.

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